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Willow What to Wear

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Willow Tree Boutique has been bringing fabulous ladieswear and accessories to the little market town of Darwen, Lancashire and to our online following for around 8 months now. What an incredible 8 months it has been!! It has been so amazing to meet so many new people, many who have become regular customers and even friends. The support has been unbelievable and I like to think this is of course down to our amazing style and range but also because of the support and friendly advice we give to our customers.

I have always been really into fashion and of course shopping, and am (most of the time) confident in my sense of style and whats suits me. I have however been astonished by the amount of women who just don't know where to start or even what they like and don't enjoy the shopping experience for this reason.

These ladies, who have put off finding that new outfit for a special occasion or pieces for break way, will often call in the day before, feeling deflated and irritated before they even look to the rails. My goal is to give them some advice, get them to try on and show them they can look fablulous, regardless of size or age or hang ups. It's just about finding what works for them. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a women who really has no confience going into the changing room, stepping back out looking and feeling amazing.

So, wanting to reach a wider audience, I am starting this blog for all ladies who just want to look good, find their style and perhaps a little confidence, without breaking the bank or dedicationg huge amount of time or effort, recognising we all lead busy lives. We will go over basic wardrobe staples and how to style in different ways, dressing for our body shape, what`s new and on trend, classic looks, what to wear when and lots more.

Overall I want to promote that fashion is for everybody, it should be fun and our own style is always the best - we don't all have to like the same thing! Life is too short to wear boring clothes, to just simply cover up, so lets dress in what makes us feel good.

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